As we get settled into our new home, we continue to discover new issues to be resolved.

When we got our new washer/dryer (YAY!) the appliance delivery guys could not install the dryer because there was a range outlet vs. a dryer outlet. We had to have an electrician out to fix that. He did, but it took a few days.


While out, he also looked at some outlets that were old and failing – they would charge a phone but didn’t give enough power for anything else. We had him install GFCI because, while the house doesn’t have ground throughout, it can provide some safety protection.

thumb_IMG_4117_1024 thumb_IMG_4118_1024

We also discovered that the lower-level fixtuers drain EXTREMELY slowly. This washbasin is about 40 minutes after finishing a load of laundry. A plumber came out to give a bid and will be back in about a week to help resolve that issue.


We continue to wait for Xcel to install our actual electric meter.