Induction slide-in range. 

I’m super excited about the induction.  I hope it lives up to expectations. 

Instead of heating could that heat a pan, induction creates magnetic fields that vibrate a pan, which then heats the pan. 

The surface is not hot to the touch, things don’t burn to if, and instead of wasting 70% of the heat to the air, you direct 90% of the energy to the pot or pan. 

Consequently, you can take cold water to boiling in 90 seconds. 

We also got a panel-ready dishwasher that should match the cabinets and an under-counter drawer microwave.  

Pretty excited about it all. 


The refrigerator is also kinda different in that you can put panels on the front to match the cabinets and the water dispenser is inside the fridge. 

Counter depth too.