a mid-century modern renovation and restoration of a Denver Harvey Park Lou Carey built Holiday Home


We had to do a fair amount of painting and caulking to get the old burgundy and blue gone. But the result is well worth the effort! We had electricians switch out the fixture as we never know what to expect in this special house of our’s. 


Found an old old post – with snow! That was never published.

We have been painting doors and baseboard and door trim – all pain in the butt!!!




And yes, a CRV can carry 16′ boards, in case you were wondering. 


 Hanging art


And now it is finally getting painted and caulked after getting installed many months ago


We finished a room!!

It maybe a small room but we are still proud 🙂

Bathroom tub refinished!


Basement Laminate

Installed some new flooring in the basement living room space this weekend. Still the baseboards to do, but feels much more finished already. 

Patio progress 

The patio had 4 different decent, but in matching pours of concrete. None of which was entirely mid-century style.  

Rather than remove it, however, we elected to dress it up.  

New covering and some cinder block planters.  

Some edging still to go. 


Mulch arrived the day before the May snowstorm. Thanks denver.  But I didn’t get sunburn spreading it. 


Added a light gray paint to the bathroom walls. Dark gray for window frame.  Refinished tub still to come. 

Mirrors have been hung. Ceiling touch up to be completed. 

Before After – Stage 1

We have completed enough work that the house is back to “comfortable” after about 2 months of renovations. Still TONS of finish details to go, but at least we can relax a bit now.


Seemed like a good time to do some before/after photos.

We hired a professional photographer to take the before photos – they are therefore much better than ours, but you can still see the difference in the house. When we are truly done with renovations, we will have the original photographer back out to take new photos again.


(above) – In the kitchen, we removed the diving wall between the dining and kitchen and vaulted the ceiling. We replaced all home-runs for the electrical, added all new LED lighting, new cabinets, new appliances. Home made concrete counters.


(above) – In the living room, we removed a damaged and unsightly fireplace made of old metal, poorly-laid thin brick, and drywall. We found clerestory windows behind – they still need to be cleaned up, with some paint to be removed, but progress. We spliced new hardwood floors in where the fireplace used to be. We also replaced the dining light fixture and removed a poorly-wired ceiling fan.


(above). In the kitchen, we replaced the cabinets, appliances, plumbing, electrical and flooring. We vaulted the ceiling and put in new spray foam insulation. The cheap laminate was laid over 3 layers of VCT, which was a pain to remove.We spliced in new hardwood floors to match the original. We extended the back wall by about 4 feet to add a pantry and relocate the refrigerator.


(above) In the bathroom, we removed a full height cabinet and all tile. We replaced the old galvanized piping with copper. We replaced all fixtures and put in new tile. We also added a door into the largest bedroom to create more of a “master” feel.


(above) – In what was the breakfast area, we extended the kitchen wall and added hall storage (the house had none). The full-height cabinets are used for pet supplies, coats, keys, linens, and cleaning supplies.


(above) In the master bedroom, we added a door to the bathroom and replaced the 5′ closet with 11 feet of closets by turning the closet that was facing the other bedroom into this room. We also added a ceiling fan.


(above) In the 2nd bedroom, we added 3 full-height built in wardrobes to replace the closet we took away. Total storage is increased without reducing the functionality of the room. We also added a ceiling fan. No photos now, but a ceiling fan was added to the third bedroom upstairs as well.


Only minimal work has taken place outside so far, but we did remove the sheet metal and unsteady wood patio covering. Much more light gets in the house now.


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