a mid-century modern renovation and restoration of a Denver Harvey Park Lou Carey built Holiday Home

Garage built! 

From an original carport to a huge terribly built shed complete with fake brick, to a small-yet-functional garage space. 


The basement has all sorts of weird sized and randomly cut doors. And they all look terrible. But replacing them isint really practical.  So we painted them and put on new hardware. 

Laundry Room

The previous owners built a substantial folding table and storage unit – and the built it pretty well – but it wasn’t finished and the raw wood colors didn’t really support the aesthetic we are going for.  

We painted it and built doors for the front. 

Craft Room Project

We laid new flooring, organized our board games and installed trim in this room to make it feel more finished.  The old closet will become a workspace and a door will be added to the large storage closet. In the large storage closet, we repainted the Forrest green and maroon red and added shelving. 

Electrical work continues

The prior homeowners made some less-than-compliant upgrades to electrical in the basement. Today we had our electricians add junction boxes, replace light fixtures with LEDs, correct wiring to outlets and more. Partly in preparation for adding a doorway between the downstairs bedroom/craft room to the storage room.  

Closet flooor done. 

Downstairs Gigantic Closet

This weekend’s big project involved taking down some wonderful DIY closet work and three coats of white paint. 

Basement Bathroom

The crazy sink has been dismantled!! 


We had to do a fair amount of painting and caulking to get the old burgundy and blue gone. But the result is well worth the effort! We had electricians switch out the fixture as we never know what to expect in this special house of our’s. 

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